Month: October 2017

Zombie Outbreak Paracord Bracelet by @claudeparacorde94

Stunning zombie inspired paracord bracelet by @claudeparacorde94 on Instagram

Paracord Bracelet Storage Idea

There are many different ways you can store your paracord bracelets.  How about in an old cigar box? Keeps the dust off them and looks stylish too.

Showcase: Contour Paracord

Contour Paracord is run by Dwek from Indonesia.  They have fused gorgeous hand made shackles and beads to make a range if stunning paracord bracelets. Check out more of their work at: @contourparacord

Paracord bracelet by @kutsil.yaroslav

Beautifully simple paracord bracelet design by kutsil.yaroslav on Instagram.

Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet by @bdbahadirr

I really love the extra micro cord stitching detail on this cobra knot survival bracelet by @bdbahadirr on Instagram.

Monkey Fist Begleri by @monkeyfistbegleri

Great range of monkey first begleri by @monkeyfistbegleri.  Used by the extremely talented @mightykimchee

Paracord Bracelet With Charm by @seriousport13

Beautifully vibrant cobra knot paracord bracelet with cute croc charm on the front. By @seriousport13 on Instagram

Paracord Bracelet by @manyu_abi

Modified cobra knot paracord bracelet with Mad Max style closure by @manyu_abi on Instagram

Paracord bracelet by @lakebrosparacord

Love this Tron like paracord bracelet by @lakebrosparacord on Instagram

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