Month: December 2017

Best of Christmas Paracord Creations

What can be better than mixing my two favourite things…Christmas and paracord. We’ve compiled the brightest and most creative Christmas paracord creations that we’ve found this year ...

Best of Paracord Micro Cord Creations

Micro cord is a thinner version of paracord which can be used to enhance your designs by either stitching it into your existing paracord design, or knotting it in along with the paracord. Over the las...

Star Wars Paracord Lightsaber by @cbysparacordandmore

These fantastic paracord light sabers are the brain child of @cbysparacordandmore on Instagram. You can find out how to make them by checking out the tutorial on their YouTube channel:

Military Style Paracord Bracelet by @pergite68

  Beautifully designed fishtail paracord bracelet with military button closure by @pergite68 on Instagram

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