The Worlds Biggest Paracord Contest Begins #KNOTGAMES2018

We’re really proud to announce the first round of the KNOT Games 2018, the biggest paracording contest the world has ever seen.

Each round of the contest will last for 4 weeks, starting on a Saturday and ending on a Sunday evening, giving you plenty of time to take part.   We are planning six rounds in total and everyone can enter each round.  To make it fair there are two categories per round, amateur and professional, this will give amateur paracorders who are less experienced or new to the hobby a chance against the more experienced paracorders out there who create and sell an array of breathtaking bracelets on a daily basis.

Each round will have a theme and to enter the contest you simply have to make something out of paracord that matches the theme and enter by posting a picture of your creation on Instagram.  Your entry must be a new creation, created after the start date of this contest (we will be checking) and you can enter as many times as you want simply by creating more and more unique entries.

After the closing date a panel of three expert judges will decide on an amateur and professional winner and the winners will be announced within 5 days. Each winner will get a massive prize haul.

We have a really exciting array of prizes mounting up for the prize hauls, all kindly donated from a wide range of artisans from all over the world.  We have also partnered with Paracord EU who have very kindly donated €75 worth of paracord to each winner.  They have also given us a 5% discount code which can be used by everyone who enters the contest for the first week of each round of the contest, this will give you a chance to get your supplies in for the round at a discount price. Head on over to and you can use the discount code “#knotgames2018” until Saturday the 10th of Feb 2018.

So what is the theme for the first round I hear you ask……drum roll…..

Round 1: Sanctified Bracelets

I’ve been a big fan of the sanctified bracelet knot for a while now as it’s so versatile, it can be modified in so many ways.  We encourage you to modify it in any way you want; endless falls, covenant, add micro cord, use a shackle, go mad max style, mix up the colour combinations, the choices are endless.

For those of you who are new to paracording and have never tried to make a sanctified bracelet before, we have included a couple of tutorials at the end of this post from our friends at CybS Paracord And More and Weavers Of Eternity.   You can find both of them on YouTube as well as many other tutorials, so there’s no excuse for having a go.

The competition starts today, Saturday the 3rd of February 2018 and ends on Sunday the 4th of March 2018.  The amateur and professional winners will be announced on Friday the 9th of March 2018.

The winners of each round of the contest will be decided by our expert judging panel:


@knotparacord – Me, the creator of KNOT Paracord online paracording magazine and avid paracorder

@krugeredc – A very talented and experienced paracorder from Sweden who works in Kenya and raises money for Rhino conservation through the sales of his stunning bracelets with hand crafted Rhino beads on them

@covenant.gears – An artisan creator from Indonesia, who creates the most stunning and creative hand made paracord beads and shackles, made of brass, copper, bronze and silver

We wanted our judges to be an international mix, who cover a wide range of disciplines. I think you’ll agree that we are up to the job.

How to Enter

You will need an Instagram account, if you don’t have one then I’m sorry but if you want to take part, and be in with the chance of winning hundreds of pounds worth of prizes, then you’re going to have to get on Instagram.  It’s really easy and you won’t regret it, there’s so many stunning paracorders on there and daily paracord inspiration will pop up in your feed.

Once you’ve created  your sanctified bracelet(s), take a good pic of it, remember that you want to show it off in the best light to make the most of your entry.

Then post it onto Instagram with the following text at the top of your post:

  • For amateurs: “My Sanctified Entry for #knotgames2018 @knotparacord Amateur Category”
  • For professionals: “My Sanctified Entry for #knotgames2018 @knotparacord Professional Category”

NOTE: Your entry won’t be valid if you don’t include the correct line of text above.  If you win, we will be checking if you are an amateur or professional, with the definition of a professional being someone who regularly sells their paracord creations on sites like Instagram, Facebook, eBay, Etsy, etc.

Also make sure to follow @knotparacord, @krugeredc, @covenant.gears and on Instagram.


Amateur Category

  • €75 worth of paracord from
  • Paracord jig with carry bag from @knotparacord
  • 5 Metal buckles from @knotparacord
  • Antique brass handmade whistle @covenant.gears
  • Brass bullet bottle opening key ring from @50calguy
  • Brass bear claw shield bead from @timba_art
  • Vintage diver paracord bead from @cobraparacord

Professional Category

  • €75 worth of paracord from
  • Paracord jig with carry bag from @knotparacord
  • 5 Metal buckles from @knotparacord
  • Antique silver handmade whistle from @covenant.gears
  • Brass bullet key ring from @50calguy
  • Brass arrow shield bead from @timba_art
  • Rogue bead from @ti2design

And that’s only the ones we can announce right now…more will be announced soon


  • You can enter from ANYWHERE in the world
  • If you are under 18, you will need an adults permission to enter
  • You can enter multiple times, however your paracord bracelets must be created within the competition period
  • Only entries with one of “My Sanctified Entry for #knotgames2018 @knotparacord Amateur Category” or “My Sanctified Entry for #knotgames2018 @knotparacord Professional Category” added in the post text will be valid
  • Entries posted after 10pm GMT on Sunday the 4th of March 2018 won’t be counted
  • By entering the contest you automatically give us permission to use the photo of your entry on our website for posts relating to this contest, you will be credited where necessary
  • The two winners will be announced on Friday the 9th of March 2018
  • Judges decision will be final
  • Prizes will be posted out soon after the winners are announced, however there may be a delay as some prizes are still being made and need to be shipped to me from the other side of the world!  All prizes will be sent out when we have all the prizes ourselves.
  • The most important rule is…..have fun and get paracording

Latest Entries

How To Create A Sanctified Paracord Bracelet

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  1. Hi…
    Is it possible to create a Round in the Contest for Conquistadors?
    Thank you in advance…

    • We’ll have a think, but can’t promise anything yet. We need to pick styles that have lots of room for customization.

      • Okay thank you for your consideration. There are various ways of tying Conquistadors, such as 2, 3 and/or more colors and ways of tying them. They are so versatile in that they can be used in many ways since they can be made as wide and as long as you want. Please have a look at them as I really do think they would make a good category. Perhaps not a versatile as the mighty Turks Head knots but certainly worth considering. Thank you again for consideration. 😊

  2. Is it to late to enter. Where do I enter.

    • You still have 3 weeks to enter. If you take a look at the rules, they explain how to enter via Instagram

  3. any regulations concerning the materials? for example: only cord or other material too? beads or no beads? thank you, ilona

    • As long as the bracelet includes some paracord, then it’s completely up to you what other items you want to use to make it. Be creative. 🙂


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