Showcase: Paracord Tree Nets

We’re always looking for different and interesting ways that paracord can be used and I think you’ll agree that these tree nets are amazing.

Tree Net Willy uses a range of different ropes to make his tree nets, including paracord. We asked him how he went about creating one of these fantastic paracord tree nets:

I basically start with a perimeter of three or more strands and then weave the inside. there are many different weaves now a days including the dreamcatcher, grid, and chaos cord methods.  Most of the nets in the pics are grids except for the white chaos cord.  Most of these are located in Colorado. I’ve been weaving for 10 years and I learned from my cousin who makes them in the redwoods of California, he’s one of the original people to start making them.  These are the same as the spacenets seen over the canyons of Moab.

You can see more of his work on Instagram at @treenetwilly


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