Month: September 2018

Paracord Pet Goat Collar

Thank you to Jim Walters on the Paracord Creators Facebook group for this picture of the most adorable goat striking a pose while wearing a paracord collar made by Jim.

Paracord Survival Gear With a Geeky Twist

Just like the classic bombs seen on countless cartoons, comics, and TV shows, such as Looney Tunes.  The ACME bomb, the latest by Surf City Paracord, is a fun office toy that also doubles as functiona...

Molle Patch Paracord Bracelets by @scordvolution

These stunning paracord bracelets by @scordvolution on Instagram use hand made brass molle patches to really make them unique and stand out from the crowd.  I think you’ll agree that they are si...

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